CALMADA PRIVATE RESORT has 6 large bedrooms decorated by international acclaimed designer and owner Chris Beaugrand: each one has a story!…

All are with showers + 1 jacuzzi in the Master bedroom. Four bedrooms features California king bed. 2 others have Queen bed. 2 of the rooms, the Eiffel & Coppelia are polished with Gold and Silver stars in concrete floors.

Welcome to CALMADA PRIVATE RESORT! Let’s discover it and Enjoy your stay…!

AG1V4415bStar Master as the entire house is dedicated to the pure beautiful sky and amazing shooting stars in the milky way with shower in the rocks and a bathtub.

AG1V4319bCoppelia…as the Ballet de Coppelia was played in Opera Garnier de Paris (France) by First Ballerina Leontine Beaugrand (1822-1945), great aunt of the owner.

AG1V4339b (2)Gustave Eiffel …as the Eiffel tower’s builder was a family relative to the owner.

AG1V4360bDouble “C”

AG1V4393bPiaf …as the movie “Ma Vie en rose” was filmed in Pioneertown, in 2007, about french singer Edith Piaf (1915-1963)

AG1V4372b (2)Cocteau …as the french writer-designer-poet (1889-1963) was a close friend to Edith Piaf. The head board is a drawing inspiration of his art.